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How to get Technical Support


To receive technical assistance for your ZKTeco products, please contact the authorised distributor from whom you purchased the product in the first instance and they will be happy to support you. If you’re not sure where you purchased your ZKTeco product, please contact our UK office and we will aim to direct you.

As a manufacturer, we are not usually able to provide technical advice to End Users, but we do offer a technical support service to our authorised distributors and partners who purchased their products directly from ZKTeco UK.

If you are a ZKTeco UK authorised security distribution partner, or workforce management partner, and are unable to solve a technical issue independently please send your enquiry to our dedicated UK support mailbox in the first instance:

The resources below may also help to resolve your query. 

Installation Guides

Each of our products is supported by a comprehensive Installation Guide and/or Quick Start Guide.

Simply navigate to the product page on our website, ensuring you have the correct model number, and download the relevant document.

Software Development

Most ZKTeco products come with a SDK or API for your convenience.

Please contact your Distributor in the first instance, and if you’re still struggling, contact the ZKTeco UK office for further information.


ZKTeco provides a three year product hardware Limited Warranty to purchasers of ZKTeco products. This warranty does not cover accessories, such as cards, tags, cables, locks and power supplies.

Warranties begin on the commercial invoice date.

All warranty claims must be submitted before the expiration of the warranty term. This warranty is non-transferable.

RMA Product Repair Service

This is an exclusive service for authorised ZKTeco partners only.

Should you wish to make use of our Repair Services or Return material, first contact your ZKTeco UK Account Manager for advice.

If required, they will direct you to create an account on our Support Platform.

Once you have registered, you will be able to request Support or create RMA tickets. Access to this platform is protected by Username and Password.