Time and Attendance

ZPad Plus Series

ZPad Plus is our newest multi-functional data collection terminal for Time and Attendance tracking.

Available with either BioTime Web embedded software or with GoTime Cloud – our advanced Time and Attendance subscription software solution.


Authentication Options.

ZPad Plus Series offers two core models. ZPad Plus features a fingerprint sensor and RFID card and ZPad Plus RFID is the RFID only option. Both of these models are available with a 4G upgrade. 

Easy to Integrate.

Available for system integrators (3rd party software) and developers (APPs).

Choice of Software.

Choose BioTime Web (ZPad Plus + BioTime 8 software) for a simple plug-and-play solution or opt for ZPad plus GoTime Cloud for an advanced solution with your tracking data always available in AWS.

ZPad Plus Series

ZPad Plus is a truly smart Time Management terminal that offers a variety of identification and information management solutions. It is specially designed for workforce management, building and office entrance control and security. The terminal has a 7-inch touch screen display, comes equipped with an internal battery and features wireless communications via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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