Access Control

SpeedFace-V4L Series

The SpeedFace-V4L is a compact hybrid biometric access control and time attendance terminal that enables both palm and face verification.

SpeedFace-V4L Series

The SpeedFace-V4L uses the most recent advances in computer vision technology along with intelligent engineering face recognition algorithms to enable visible light facial recognition. It enhances security performance across the board, offering huge capacity and quick identification for both palm and face verification.

SpeedFace-V4L boasts an advanced antispoofing algorithm that protects face recognition against nearly all forms of attacks using phony images and videos. A maximum of 800 palm templates will be compared with the collected palm data in the crucial 3-in-1 palm identification (Palm Shape, Palm Print, and Palm Vein) process, which takes just 0.35 seconds to complete each hand!

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