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SPB Pro-Parking

SPB Pro-Parking is our all-in-one kit for a powerful vehicle and parking management solution.

SPB Pro-Parking comprises a high performance parking barrier, a vehicle detection radar, and a license plate recognition camera with embedded software.


Boom Barrier
(Model No: BG1030 or BG1045)

Superior reliability with 3 million MCBF of cycles which provide flexibility when installing third-party items such as traffic lights or keypads.


+ Vehicle Radar
(Model No: VR10)

VR10 vehicle detection
radar provides safety during
the passage of vehicles. It offers a more flexible installation in comparison to inductive loops.

+ LPR Camera.
(Model No: DL-852Q28B)

A versatile license plate recognition camera with embedded software that ensures superior performance. Suitable for outdoor installation.

SPB Pro-Parking

Our integrated parking solution is made up of a high-speed parking barrier (length options: 3m / 4.5m), camera with embedded License Plate Recognition application and a radar sensor for vehicle detection (from 1m to 6m around the boom barrier).

Our UK team can work with you to configure the SPB Pro-Parking kit to your specific requirements. Better still, visit our Experience Centre in Birmingham to see the solution in action.

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