Access Control


The SC800 RFID Access Control terminal uses a tempered glass display and a metal midframe housing, making it suitable for outdoor use.


The Linux-based SC800 RFID Access Control terminal is IP65 waterproof and IK04 vandal-proof, making it a great choice for outdoor application. A concealed touch keyboard and 2.4-inch color screen on the SC800 further improve the touchless unlocking experience.

A Multi-Tech RFID module from SC800 is available; it supports HID Prox and HID iclass Multi-Tech RFID Module and dual frequency 125kHz and 13.56MHz cards.

Additionally, SC800 is compatible with ZKBioAccess IVS software and supports the Access Control PUSH communication protocol. This terminal also has Wiegand Input port for connecting an external proximity reader, and can use Wiegand Output port to function as the controller’s external reader.

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