Entrance Control

SBTL8000 Series

SBTL8000 Series is an indoor swing barrier speed gate series for convenient contactless access control, featuring a modular reader panel design.

The sophisticated look and feel of the SBTL8000 makes it a perfect solution for any modern application.

Multiple Verification Options.

SBTL8000 offers access control with RFID, fingerprint and facial recognition. The choice is yours. 

Ultimate Convenience.

Versatile and convenient, the SBTL8000 series enables easy-switch and easy-installation for RFID, fingerprint and face. 

High Performance.

Equipped with Servo motor for fast opening speed, the SBTL8000 also offers bi-directional operation control, low noise and is high durability for a longer product life cycle.


SBTL8000 Series

SBTL8000 single lane swing barrier speed gate is an ideal choice for ensuring security and crowd management in situations with high pedestrian traffic.

There are four models within this Series: SBTL8000 single lane speed gates, SBTL8011 with controller and RFID reader, SBTL8022 with controller, fingerprint reader and RFID reader, and SBTL8033 Single lane speed gates for Visible Light Facial Recognition devices.

For projects requiring multi-lane speed gates, ask us about the SBTL8200 Series with the same sophisticated design and same authentication options. 

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