Entrance Control

SBTL7000 Series

The SBTL7000 series offers a group of single-lane swing barriers designed for smooth and quiet operation, drawing very little power. With a compact design, the width of the cabinet is only 15 centimetres.

Multiple Verification Options.

SBTL7000 Series offers access control with RFID, fingerprint and facial recognition. The choice is yours. 

Ultimate Convenience.

Versatile and convenient, the SBTL7000 series enables easy-switch and easy-installation for RFID, fingerprint and face.

Lowest Cost of Ownership.

SBTL7000 Series ships with your preference of access control reader, greatly reducing installation time & expense. This truly plug and play turnstile offers the lowest possible total cost of ownership in the industry.


SBTL7000 Series

SBTL7200 provides both security and convenience, all in a durable and elegant compact design. Aesthetically pleasing, the ergonomic design makes card and fingerprint authentication fast and simple for users.

There are four models within this Series: SBTL7000 single lane speed gates, SBTL7011 with controller and RFID reader, SBTL7022 with controller, fingerprint reader and RFID reader, and SBTL7033 Single lane speed gates for Visible Light Facial Recognition devices.

For projects requiring multi-lane speed gates, ask us about the SBTL7200 Series with the same sophisticated design and same authentication options.

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