Entrance Control

Mars Pro-S1000 Series

The Mars Pro Series of Swing Barriers are easy to install and just as easy to integrate.

With three models in the range, offering a choice of authentication options, the Mars Pro-S1000 Series is an ideal entrance control solution. 

Choice of Models.

Mars Pro-S1000 Series offers three models, the S1000, the S1011 with controller and RFID reader and the S1022 with controller and fingerprint and RFID readers, bringing you options to meet your customers’ unique needs.

Ultimate Convenience.

Contactless access control is made easy with Mars Pro, they even come with an installation plate for facial recognition access control terminals making for a streamlined and enjoyable user experience.

Easy to Install.

Smart design means saving time and the Mars Pro-S1000 couldn’t be easier to get up and running. Installers are universally impressed by the snap-fit, screwless, modular design for a fast and trouble-free fit.

Mars Pro-S1000 Series

Mars Pro-S1000 Series are highly durable indoor swing barrier speed gates, with the added bonus of low maintenance costs. 

Aside from the obvious great aesthetics with this product, users receive visual cues on correct walking direction and clear guidance with red/green illustration, ensuring a streamlined pedestrian flow. With options for RFID and/or biometric authentication, the Mars Pro-S1000 is an excellent choice for a whole host of application scenarios, including retail, airports, stadiums, gyms and more.

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