Time and Attendance

iClock 560

iClock 560 is a Time and Attendance terminal with incorporated ZK fingerprint sensor and 3’5 TFT display.

Easy to install and with modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations.

iClock 560

The iClock 560 biometric Time and Attendance terminal offers users easy menu management, with professional firmware functions such as Accrued Balance.

It can connect to Time and Attendance management software via built-in PoE, saving on installation costs. (Wifi option also available). Alternatively iClock 560 can also operate in standalone mode, downloading data via USB pendrive.

For those who prefer authentication via RFID card, no problem, the iClock 560 is also available as an RFID only model – just ask for model number: iClock S560. 

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