Access Control

G4 Pro

G4Pro is an all-in-one, multi-biometric identification terminal especially built for integrators.

Ideal for Access Control and also suitable for Time and Attendance projects, G4 Pro is compatible with 4G networks. 

Multi-Authentication Methods.

G4 Pro offers everything from traditional RFID cards and QR codes, to the most advanced biometric recognition technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition or palm-vein pattern recognition.

Smart Phone Compatible.

G4 Pro allows usage of Smart phones to identify users with phone based authentication, by incorporating dynamic and mobile credentials as key differentiating features.

Integration Tools.

LCDP tool available for 3rd party applications integration to help make development simpler and more efficient. It includes simplified bottom hardware interface, algorithm interface and some upper business logic and configuration.

G4 Pro

This multi-biometric access control and Time and Attendance terminal is built for system integrators. Deliver a unique approach into multiple vertical markets with a device that lets you implement the authentication method that best suits your customer’s needs.

The G4 Pro has standard functions of Facial, Palm and RFID Verification, there is then the option of adding Fingerprint Recognition or a QR Code Scanner. 

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