Entrance Control


The BOL1219-A is a high-quality automated bollard, which are often used to keep vehicles out of security zones.

It is the ideal solution for premises that demand high levels of security.


High-quality automated bollards like the BOL1219-A are often used to keep vehicles out of security zones.

It is the perfect answer for entrances that demand high levels of protection.

BOL1219-A’s raising time is 3 seconds. The bollard will stop the car quickly even if it is coming at high speed and high tonnage since it is so sturdy that the vehicle will shatter after collision.

The design of BOL121 9-A also includes certain additional safety measures. The LED bar on the bollard can successfully prevent accidents brought on by nighttime driver impairment. The bollard may be manually lowered in the event of an electrical failure.

With a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), numerous control techniques, such as biometric scanners, remote control, and push button stations, may be readily accomplished.

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