BioOnCard Technology

Keep your biometric data safe in the palm of your hand – your data, all stored securely inside the card.

BioOnCard is the next-generation biometric palm-face authentication solution that provides a seamless access control experience with ZKTeco’s SpeedFace-V5L RFID and ProFace X terminals.


BioOnCard is our latest innovation – a double Verification RFID Biometrics Solution with enhanced user data privacy. The card stores one single biometric template to support face or palm recognition.

BioOnCard can easily be integrated with most of ZKTeco’s turnstiles or speed gates, supports our ZKBioAccess IVS and
ZKBio CVSecurity software and is available for third-party integration with PUSH protocol.

 If you’re looking to find out more about BioOnCard, just get in touch with our UK team.

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