AMT-PV10-M is a touchless biometric embedded module for capturing palm vein features under the palm skin.

Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in Thailand.


About Armatura Biometric Modules

Armatura biometric modules are designed to provide developers and manufacturers with refined biometric security solutions to integrate with various applications such as access control systems, time & attendance terminals, smart lock and entrance control, to assist them in the acquisition of the original biometric data of an individual.


The AMT-PV10-M is a Near-Infrared (NIR) light camera module with a single lens that may be used to take subcutaneous palm vein patterns and grayscale palm print photos for biometric identification.

The AMT-PVM-10 module has an improved auto exposure technique and an integrated infrared LED to provide greater palm picture quality in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

High Quality Images

The built-in sensor auto triggers the infrared LED when a palm approaches, which ensures consistant high-quality palm images in many lighting environments.

Hands-Free User Experience

A completely hands-free operation. The module offers an easy, stress-free, sanitary, natural, and non-intrusive method of identification validation. 

Advanced Security

Everyone has distinct, lifelong pattern of veins in their palms which are generated by blood moving actively through living tissues but are undetectable to the naked eye. The specialised infrared cameras used provide extremely secure anti-spoofing security. 

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