A Dual-Lens Multimodal Standalone Module For Face and Palm Recognition.

Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in Thailand.


About Armatura Biometric Modules

Armatura biometric modules are designed to provide developers and manufacturers with refined biometric security solutions to integrate with various applications such as access control systems, time & attendance terminals, smart lock and entrance control, to assist them in the acquisition of the original biometric data of an individual.

The Armatura AMT-FAPVS-30 module has in-built face and palm algorithms that enable it to carry out full-cycle biometric recognition tasks, such as face and palm scanning, capturing images in true colour RGB and near-infrared light grayscale, analysing face and palm attributes, extracting face and palm templates, and matching face and palm. 

High Speed Enrollment

The in-built face and palm algorithms enable quick registration and authentication. It enables integrators to maximise the module’s high-performance processing capacity and to reduce reliance on the host computer. 

Simple Integration

A variety of host hardware devices may be easily, quickly, and simply integrated with this small, lightweight device due to the USB 2.0 interface.

Advanced Security

The integrated algorithms offer highly secure identification and guard against forgery hacking by imposters utilising pictures or videos. Using gathered visible and infrared light pictures for safe anti-spoofing protection. 

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