For biometric identification, the AMT-FAM-10 dual-lens face module records true-colour and near-infrared facial photographs. Pair with the AMT-FAR-10 reader enclosure. 

Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in Thailand. 

About Armatura Biometric Modules

Armatura biometric modules are designed to provide developers and manufacturers with refined biometric security solutions to integrate with various applications such as access control systems, time & attendance terminals, smart lock and entrance control, to assist them in the acquisition of the original biometric data of an individual.


The dual-lens face module AMT-FAM-10 records true-colour RGB and near-infrared grayscale facial photpgraphs for biometric identification. The dual-lens module design, which is powered by the Armatura FaceLite and LiveFace algorithms, guarantees the best picture quality for precise identification whilst giving very secure liveness detection for anti-spoofing protection.

The module can record high-quality facial photographs in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings at a broad range of distances due to its integrated wide dynamic range imaging sensors and infrared LED. 

Cost Effective

The module combined with FaceLite or LiveFace SDK offers a competitively priced biometric authentication solution for clients on a budget.

Hands-Free User Experience

Combine with the AMT-FAR-10 reader enclosure for a completely hands-free operation. The module offers an easy, stress-free, sanitary, natural, and non-intrusive method of identification validation. 

Simple Integration

A multitude of hardware devices including physical access control devices, intercom terminals, time clocks and more, may easily be integrated with this small lightweight device due to its USB 2.0 interface.

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