The Armatura AHSC-1000 is a powerful and versatile access controller suited for high-security applications in a wide range of industry sectors.

Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in Thailand.


This IP-Based Core Door Access Controller offers supreme authentication performance, capable power monitoring, PoE ability, third-party integration, solid cybersecurity features, port failover and redundancy, supervised inputs, scalability, an inventive MQTT-based communication protocol, and dual system ROM protection.

Armatura Protection Box is also available, contact ZKTeco UK for details. 

Ultimate Authentication

The AHSC-1000 meets the  demands of high-volume authentication by supporting a variety of RFID Cards, Mobile IDs, Fingerprints, Facial Recognition, and Palm Authentication.

Third-Party Integration

The AHSC-1000 integrates seamlessly with current infrastructure by integrating with a range of building management systems, lift systems, and reader protocols.

Advanced Cyber Security

The AHSC-1000 provides improved cyber security measures by putting in place strong encryption standards, communication protocols, IP/Mac address, filtering, VLAN isolation and a dedicated cryptographic chip.

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