Access Control


ZKTeco offers a wide range of Readers compatible with our own range of advanced access control systems and with third-party solutions.

You’ll find a selection of our most popular Readers here on our website and for any other requirements, just get in touch with our UK team.  

KR610 Series 

The KR Series is the main accessories line of external wiegand readers for all our access control devices. With an elegant and robust design, the KR610 series is easy to connect and install, offering the possibility to control one door from both sides.


The KR310 is an external wiegand reader with a robust design for ZKTeco access control standalone devices and control panels

KR613 OSDP and KR614 OSDP

KR613 OSDP and KR614 OSDP are our new highly secure dual card access control readers which combine 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card and identification technologies into a single reader.


The KR702 reader is a full-touch key waterproof reader to IP65 Protection levels and is therefore ideal for outdoor use.

QR500 Pro Series

The QR500 Pro Series is a new generation of intelligent access control card readers with QR and RFID access control systems. 

QR600 Series

The QR600 Series is part of our latest generation of high-speed readers that improve intelligence in access control systems,
offering compatibility with dynamic QR Codes and encrypted solutions.

ProID Series

With robust all-weather protection and a beautiful modern design, the ProID Series is an excellent choice for a wide range of indoor or outdoor access control applications.

FR1500S and FR1500A

The FR1500S is the ideal fingerprint reader with BioID+ Fingerprint Sensor, Stainless Steel front casing and IP65 protection for outdoor installation and superior resistance. 


The ZK9500 is small, yet perfectly formed, making it easy to use when registering Users’ fingerprints on the desktop. The ZK9500 is also compatible with Android tablet and mobile phone.


The SLK20R has superior ability for live fingerprint detection and captures high-quality fingerprint images via a 2 Megapixel camera.

We believe the SLK20R is the easiest and most affordable desktop enrolment and identification device on the market.


The SLK20M is tiny but undeniably mighty, with 2000 templates and the ability to recognise even rough, wet or dry fingerprints quickly. The SLK20M can be flexibly integrated with various system applications without requiring any additional accessories.

CR20 Series

CR20 Series are accessories designed to read (CR20E/M) proximity cards. CR20E and CR20M are compatible with windows S.O
(32 bit).

KF1000 Series

The KF1000 Series is ZKTeco’s unique visible light facial recognition reader designed specifically for the InBio Series biometric controller to adopt facial recognition technology, providing one of the fastest, most reliable and efficient facial recognition solutions in the industry.

The KF1000 Series is a new-generation biometric scanning featuring a 100Mb/s high-speed TCP/IP port for face templates and data synchronisation.

QR10M / QR10MX / QR10ML

These QR code readers are compact-in-size and easily read code data from mobiles and printed materials. The QR10M can read all available codes with a built-in LED for auxiliary lighting – read during the day or night without significant impact.

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