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Introducing Armatura: High-Tech Biometrics and Security Solutions

Jan 8, 2024 | News

ZKTeco UK, a subsidiary of the global security manufacturing giant and authorised distributor of Armatura worldwide, today introduces the UK range of Armatura’s enterprise-level access control and biometric solutions.

Armatura, a multinational biometric technology firm, is headquartered in Atlanta, the “Silicon Valley of the South”, with the full range of solutions designed and engineered in the USA and made exclusively in Thailand.

Armatura is not available via ZKTeco’s existing distributor network. For enquiries about Armatura and its solutions, please contact the team at ZKTeco UK for details in the first instance.

Discover Armatura: Faster, Scalable & Solution Focused

Armatura distinguishes itself by providing end-to-end solutions that are customised to various application scenarios, increasing the benefits for distributors. The product line is split into two solution lines: Biometric Integration and AI Enhanced Security Solutions.


Armatura: AI Enhanced Security Solutions & Biometric Integration

Access Controllers
All access points may be easily managed at one place with the help of centralising operations. For connecting and operating extra devices on-site, Armatura provides a full range of access control panels. These panels are set up using event-driven rules inside the management.


The Armatura AHSC-1000 is a powerful and versatile access controller suited for high-security applications in a wide range of industry sectors.

AHDU Series

For high security access control requirements, we’re proud to introduce the Armatura AHDU Series of IP-Based Biometric Door Units, available as 1, 2 or 4 door controllers. 

Access Control Readers
Armatura’s exclusive selection of access control readers bring unparalleled security and durability. Armatura readers are built to the highest standards and provide an unmatched degree of protection with IP68 waterproof and dustproof capabilities, IK10 impact resistance and fire resistance.

EP10 Series

Armatura advanced security EP10 readers are all weather outdoor multi-tech smart devices, that read various card types and dual frequencies.

EP20 Series

The Armatura Explorer Series EP20 is an all-weather multi-tech smart reader designed for advanced security.

Stand-Alone Terminals
Discover the full line of the security solutions from Armatura that provide time and attendance tracking in addition to access control. With a range of access control options that include RFID, face, palm recognition and identification for entry, exit and all types of access points.

Omni AC30

For secure access control, the innovative Armatura Omni AC30 standalone terminal combines face and palm recognition.

Software Platform
Meet Armatura One – the most efficient “All-In-One” web based security platform.

Benefit from a wide range of modules, including: Personnel, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Elevator, Visitor, Parking Management, Video Management System, Office, Fire Alarm, Entrance Control, FaceKiosk, Temperature Detection, Defense, Data Monitor, Building Automation and Intrusion.

Biometric Modules
The goal of the Armatura biometric module line is to offer manufacturers and distributors highly sophisticated biometric security solutions that can be quickly and easily integrated with a variety of applications, including entry control, smart locks, time and attendance terminals and access control systems.

Supplied with SDK and ready-to-implement, saving valuable time and investment. 


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