Introducing our new range of Smart Video Intercoms

Introducing our new range of Smart Video Intercoms

Introducing the all-new ZKTeco Smart Video Intercoms Range – Your Integrated Door Entry Solution. 

Revolutionise the way you connect and identify visitors to apartments and commercial buildings with our next-generation smart entrance video stations.

We are excited to launch this new range of indoor and outdoor stand-alone video intercoms – and what’s more, the range is now available as UK stock – making for greater accessibility and super-fast delivery when purchased through your local ZKTeco distributor.

We understand that trying a brand new product can be daunting, which is why we offer to support your first installation to help ensure everything goes smoothly and any initial questions are answered live on site. Just ask the ZKTeco UK team about this free of charge service.

ZKTeco’s Video Intercom Series support multiple verification methods to satify your customers’ preferences.

Explore all the models within the range, safe in the knowledge that our indoor and outdoor stations integrate seamlessly and any accessories you may need are available too. 

Outdoor Stations:

Indoor Monitors:

  • VT07-B22L (Capacitive touch screen)

  • VT07-C22L (Capacitive touch screen, 2-wire plug & play)

Our new Smart Video Intercom Outdoor Stations are built with ultra-robust aluminium alloy casing, are easy to install, and have the water resistance and dustproof standard equivalent to IP65.

View the product pages for full details of the exciting features and benefits on offer with these integrated door-entry solutions or for a quick snapshot, watch our video below:

ZKBio CVSecurity Has Landed.

ZKBio CVSecurity Has Landed.

ZKTeco announces the release of ZKBio CVSecurity, our comprehensive web-based security platform with the adoption of hybrid biometric and computer vision technology.

ZKBio CVSecurity is the answer for security organisations requiring an adaptable and integrated solution to deliver real-time information from access control systems, alarms, and cameras.

In line with providing world-class security management, ZKBio CVSecurity adopts micro-service development framework with robust system performance characteristics, such as high availability, scalable modules, fully secure communication, and solid third-party integration scalability.

The new platform boasts sixteen unique modules that encompass all areas of security at an end user site, including Visitor Management, Parking, Access, Entrance Control and Attendance.

CV stands for Computer Vision and this platform’s computer vision technology and intelligent analysis applications are second-to-none. Expect full integration that delivers adequate warning in advance, rapid response to incidents and accurate verification after the event, providing more effective security for people, vehicles and objects.

What’s more, ZKBio CVSecurity has the ability to aggregate all data and present it through the visual dashboard to make managers’ decision-making a doddle.

This web-based system will suit projects with multiple entry points and offers security operators an integrated solution for small, medium and large businesses alike.

ZKBio CVSecurity is an upgrade to the previous ZKBio Security solution and clients running the former version are encouraged to review the Q&A documentation in the first instance.

Rest assured, users of both ZKBio Security and ZKBio Security V5000 software will continue to receive support until 31st December 2023.

If you’re looking for a complete solution for the protection of your people, vehicles and property, talk to ZKTeco UK today about ZKBio CV Security.

Introducing BioOnCard – Next Generation Biometric Authentication.

Introducing BioOnCard – Next Generation Biometric Authentication.

Keep biometric data completely secure with BioOnCard – a unique solution that stores one individual biometric template to support face and palm recognition.

Keep biometric data completely secure with BioOnCard – a unique solution that stores one individual biometric template to support face and palm recognition.

It’s so simple to use, users can register palm or face by scanning a BioOnCard with a compatible ZKTeco device: SpeedFace-V5L RFID & ProFace X [P].

The solution allows recognition in less than 1 second after transferring the template from the card, can easily be integrated with most of ZKTeco’s turnstiles or speed gates, supports software ZKBioAccess IVS / ZKBio CVSecurity, and is available for third-party integration with PUSH protocol.

Double verification for enhanced security, whilst keeping the user experience anonymous and seamless. Enquire today about this latest development for your business.

MA300 Series Becomes ProMA.

MA300 Series Becomes ProMA.

The ProMA Series outdoor biometric access control system is now available in the UK. 

ProMA represents the new generation of high-end outdoor multi-biometric access control standalone terminals, built with ultra-robust aluminium alloy casing and offering three models equipped with different authentication combinations:

  • ProMA (Face+Fingerprint+RFID)

  • ProMA-QR (Face+QR code+RFID)

  • ProMA-RF (Face+RFID)

ProMA is an innovative, powerful solution that is easy to install and suitable for both outdoor or indoor environments, with enhanced protection levels to reach water and dustproof standards (IP66) as well as vandal-proof standards (IK07).

Don’t be fooled by its compact size, the ProMA series of terminals have a massive authentication template capacity which supports up to 10,000 fingerprint / 30,000 face / 5,000 palm / 50,000 RFID.

With facial recognition speed of less than 0.3 sec per face, touchless palm recognition performed in 0.35 per hand, and completed RFID recognition in 0.2 sec, the user experience is a joy.

To ensure our portfolio of access control solutions represents the best, cutting-edge technology on the market, we have discontinued the earlier version of this terminal, the MA300, with immediate effect.