Guidelines On Use Of Biometric Data

Guidelines On Use Of Biometric Data

In light of recent press coverage regarding use of Biometric Data, ZKTeco wishes to clarify its Guidance for usage.


Biometric Data User refers to any person who collects or uses biometric data utilising ZKTeco’s device, hardware and software.

1. The purpose of biometric data collection

1.1. Use of biometric data & related activities

It is the data user’s responsibility to inform all users or persons whose biometric data are collected, that all the collected biometric data are only used for time attendance and access control purposes.

1.2. Lawful and fair means

Data Users must collect users’ biometric templates only on a legal and fair basis. 

1.3. Adequate but not excessive

ZKTeco’s devices and all biometric templates stored in its management software are built with precise algorithms and may be in various methods encrypted, in order to prevent data leakage of users to the greatest extent.

2. Accuracy and Duration of Retention

2.1. Accuracy of personal data held

ZKTeco, with rich experience of software and hardware development, to the greatest extent ensures that all biometric data and personal data are stored accurately, in order to provide customers best user experience.

2.2. Personal data not being kept longer than is necessary

When using ZKTeco’s software and hardware, the data user is responsible for ensuring that all users’ data are not stored in ZKTeco’s software and hardware unless necessary.

2.3. Prevent any personal data transferred to the data processor from being kept longer than necessary

ZKTeco’s hardware applies different biometric templates during operation, but all templates do not remain in the CPU of the hardware, and after users’ biometric templates are deleted in ZKTeco’s hardware and software (according to the actual situation), the templates are permanently deleted and not remained in any format. 

3. Use of Personal Data

3.1. Not being used for a new purpose without prescribed consent

If data user wishes to apply the collected biometric templates to any purpose other than any use authorized, they are responsible for reintroducing to the users and obtaining their consents before doing so.

4. Security of Personal Data

4.1. Practicable steps being taken to ensure no unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss, use and transfer

ZKTeco’s applied biometric algorithms do not collect complete biometric features of the collected persons, instead only 10 to 50 feature points are collected for calculation. Even if biometric templates are illegally obtained, it is not possible to reorganize them into complete biometric features. In ZKTeco’s software and hardware, various advanced electronic encryption techniques have been applied for the greatest extent of protection to data security.

5. Openness – Information is Generally Available

5.1. Data Users should provide policies and practices in relation to personal data.

5.2. Data Users should publicize the kinds of biometric data held.

5.3. Data Users should inform the main purposes for which biometric data are used.

6. Access to Personal Data

6.1. Data users should know that, all data subjects have the right to access and correct his or her personal data.

For further information, please click the button below to download the document “A Comprehensive Overview of ZKTeco Biometric Template Irreversibility, Security, and User Information Protection.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Biometric Data?

Physiological data born with an individual:

  • DNA samples, fingerprint, palm veins, iris, retina

  • Facial images and hand geometries

Behavioural data developed by an individual:

  • Handwriting pattern, typing rhythm, gait, voice

Is Biometric Data Personal Data?

Biometric data alone is not regarded as personal data according to law, as it may not reveal identities.

However, if biometric data is stored in a database that links customers/staff members, they are considered to be personal data.


Introducing Armatura: High-Tech Biometrics and Security Solutions

Introducing Armatura: High-Tech Biometrics and Security Solutions

ZKTeco UK, a subsidiary of the global security manufacturing giant and authorised distributor of Armatura worldwide, today introduces the UK range of Armatura’s enterprise-level access control and biometric solutions.

Armatura, a multinational biometric technology firm, is headquartered in Atlanta, the “Silicon Valley of the South”, with the full range of solutions designed and engineered in the USA and made exclusively in Thailand.

Armatura is not available via ZKTeco’s existing distributor network. For enquiries about Armatura and its solutions, please contact the team at ZKTeco UK for details in the first instance.

Discover Armatura: Faster, Scalable & Solution Focused

Armatura distinguishes itself by providing end-to-end solutions that are customised to various application scenarios, increasing the benefits for distributors. The product line is split into two solution lines: Biometric Integration and AI Enhanced Security Solutions.


Armatura: AI Enhanced Security Solutions & Biometric Integration

Access Controllers
All access points may be easily managed at one place with the help of centralising operations. For connecting and operating extra devices on-site, Armatura provides a full range of access control panels. These panels are set up using event-driven rules inside the management.


The Armatura AHSC-1000 is a powerful and versatile access controller suited for high-security applications in a wide range of industry sectors.

AHDU Series

For high security access control requirements, we’re proud to introduce the Armatura AHDU Series of IP-Based Biometric Door Units, available as 1, 2 or 4 door controllers. 

Access Control Readers
Armatura’s exclusive selection of access control readers bring unparalleled security and durability. Armatura readers are built to the highest standards and provide an unmatched degree of protection with IP68 waterproof and dustproof capabilities, IK10 impact resistance and fire resistance.

EP10 Series

Armatura advanced security EP10 readers are all weather outdoor multi-tech smart devices, that read various card types and dual frequencies.

EP20 Series

The Armatura Explorer Series EP20 is an all-weather multi-tech smart reader designed for advanced security.

Stand-Alone Terminals
Discover the full line of the security solutions from Armatura that provide time and attendance tracking in addition to access control. With a range of access control options that include RFID, face, palm recognition and identification for entry, exit and all types of access points.

Omni AC30

For secure access control, the innovative Armatura Omni AC30 standalone terminal combines face and palm recognition.

Software Platform
Meet Armatura One – the most efficient “All-In-One” web based security platform.

Benefit from a wide range of modules, including: Personnel, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Elevator, Visitor, Parking Management, Video Management System, Office, Fire Alarm, Entrance Control, FaceKiosk, Temperature Detection, Defense, Data Monitor, Building Automation and Intrusion.

Biometric Modules
The goal of the Armatura biometric module line is to offer manufacturers and distributors highly sophisticated biometric security solutions that can be quickly and easily integrated with a variety of applications, including entry control, smart locks, time and attendance terminals and access control systems.

Supplied with SDK and ready-to-implement, saving valuable time and investment. 


Business Benefits of a Time and Attendance System

Business Benefits of a Time and Attendance System

Revolutionise your Time & Attendance Tracking in 2024! 

Gone are the days of the old-school ‘punch cards’ to clock in and clock out of work. Over the last few years, advances in technology have enabled smart, contemporary time and attendance hardware, software and devices that can adapt to the needs of your business and deliver more benefits than ever before. With cutting-edge biometric authentication and functionality that delivers valuable business data super-fast and the ability to effortlessly integrate with third-party software standards, Time and Attendance systems offer so much more. 

The nature of our work is ever changing. Today, with employees working a variety of shift patterns, operating across multiple time zones and/or working hybrid or fully remote, employers are more challenged than ever before to understand, manage and maximise employee attendance.

In this article, we explore 8 reasons why your business could benefit from a contemporary time tracking solution.


#1 Employers have access to more precise data.

Huge amounts of data on an organisation’s timekeeping procedures can be captuted by an electronic Time and Attendance System. Employers may use it to find out precisely when staff members are missing, late, sick, visiting clients and see patterns that may require intervention of productivity improvement quickly.

Employees may also log their holidays on a single system allowing management to make plans accordingly to ensure there is a sufficient workforce for business performance at all times and that holiday or sick days are not overused. Self-service features and the ability to view leave requests and allowances may ease the manual burden on HR departments that frequently respond to these kinds of inquiries. This system may also alert employees when they have not clocked out, heading into overtime or nearly going over the allotted working hours, ensuring that employees can keep track of their hours.

Financial losses can be mostly attributed to human mistakes. Complex working requirements and shift management can be handled by sophisticated time and attendance systems.


#2 Greater organisation among employees.

Systems for clocking in help businesses to establish a clearer sense of organisation for a working day. Furthermore, it provides you with the further advantage of improved insight into evolving attendance and time patterns.

Having the ability to recognise staff members who consistently arrive late or complete extra hours may assist you and your group in guiding conversations about efficient management.

Irrespective of how your business operates and what working arrangements are agreed for your employees – whether office-based, remote, hybrid or field-based, a cloud-based time and attendance software enabled, ‘clocking in and out’ efficiently in any circumstance. Additionally, remote solutions provide employers more oversight over employees who don’t follow regular business hours such as field engineers and drivers who don’t typically start their workday at a set location.


#3 Minimise time fraud to reduce costs.

When employees take excessively long or fail to clock out during breaks, time fraud may be avoided with the use of a sophisticated time and attendance system.

While almost anybody could fill out and punch in an old-fashioned clock-in card, a contemporary system needs a specific worker to be there in order to provide their fingerprint, palm, face or RFID card, validating the record using their own biometrics. As a result, you can ensure that your employee is present when it says in the system and no one else is clocking in for them.


#4 Employee simplicity.

A further benefit of using a biometric time and attendance system is that workers can avoid wasting time on paperwork or forgetting to bring a unique key card with them at all times. By using fewer peripherals such as keycards and fobs, it becomes unnecessary to buy replacements if one is lost.

Also, it ensures that employees will always have access and it will rarely need to be updated or changed as biometrics don’t change.


#5 Lighter administrative burden.

The need for manual clock-in cards is eliminated with an attendance system. No need to study numbers for hours on end, the data is automatically complied. Your company will be able to streamline with the removal of this mundane job, freeing up management and staff to concentrate on more creative and satisfying work that best suits their skills.


#6 Payroll mistakes can be prevented.

Payroll errors can have serious consequences for both employers and employees. For HR managers, fixing payroll problems is frequently mentioned as a time-consuming process. Using the automation that comes with a contemporary time and attendance system reduces the possibility of human mistakes, which means you’ll spend less time finding and fixing payroll issues. To provide a more realistic view of your entire expenditures, the systems can smoothly integrate with payroll systems.


#7 Detailed reports made user-friendly.

As previously discussed, having an employee timekeeping system can give businesses access to a lot of information. This information can be useless if it is not presented in a way that makes sense and is user-friendly. Many systems can allow reports to be formatted how you want, such as colours, format and information to ensure that it can easily be integrated into your current system.


#8 Remote access to view your employees anytime, anywhere.

Workers are moving about more and more these days. It shouldn’t be a case that you can’t stay in touch with your staff while you or them are not in the office, No matter where you are in the globe, you can manage the whole organisation with mobile notifications from the palm of your hand. This enables you to swiftly fix mistakes even whilst you are away from the office.



Overall having a time and attendance system has a multitude of benefits and how implementing one can free up employees and allow them to get the most out of their work. Whether a company employs a few employees at a single location or thousands of individuals in a corporate environment, these solutions can be made to fit your demands. Regardless of your requirements, time and attendance systems offer the best means of obtaining the precise information and insight into your employee’s work schedules that you want to make the most out of your workweek.


Learn More

ZKTeco UK offers a comprehensive range of Time and Attendance terminals, with multiple authentication options – including cutting-edge biometric tecnologies.

We also offer Time Tracking software solutions – take a look at GoTime Cloud – our cloud based software on subscription, or BioTime 8 web-based time management software for your business. 

For a bespoke Time & Attendance solution, talk to one of ZKTeco UK’s Workforce Management partners.



ZKTeco UK Makes Two Key Appointments

ZKTeco UK Makes Two Key Appointments

ZKTeco UK, the Midlands-based subsidiary of the global security equipment manufacturer, today announces two key appointments.

Adam Jagger joins as Business Development Manager, working alongside Commercial Director, Ian Grayson, to drive UK sales growth for the company’s world-leading Biometrics, Entrance Control and Access Control solutions.

Adam’s remit, to grow the security distribution channel and expand the business through integrators and top installers, is facilitated by his extensive knowledge of the security industry and his impressive network of key contacts.

With growing interest in ZKTeco’s comprehensive product range since the company’s official launch on the The Security Event‘s stage, the recent opening of their local warehouse facility and the successful onboarding of national and regional distributors, Adam is joining the company at a pivotal time.

On his appointment to the team at ZKTeco UK, Adam said,

Adam Jagger
Business Development Manager

“I am chomping at the bit to get started and I’m here to help ensure ZKTeco’s voice gets louder over 2024.

Coming from a security distribution background myself, I’m very familiar with the top manufacturers and their products. When ZKTeco were first introduced, as a new entrant to the UK security market, their product range immediately caught my eye.

Their ability to offer everything you need in a security solution, from hardware – designed with installation in mind, to flexible, customisable software, all underpinned by award-winning biometric technology, puts them a cut above.

I’m looking forward to showing customers how ZKTeco can meet their needs next year and beyond.”

Joining Adam in ZKTeco UK’s latest recruitment drive is Pre-Sales Engineer, Aromal Sasikumar.

With a background in Time and Attendance, Biometrics and Access Control, Aromal has known and admired ZKTeco products for many years.

Re-locating to Birmingham for this new role from Northern Ireland, Aromal has grasped the opportunity to become part of the UK team.

Aromal’s experience and know-how strengthens the company’s capability to support with large-scale projects and provide a streamlined local technical support service for existing and new customers.

Both Aromal and Adam will visit ZKTeco’s European Headquarters in Madrid, Spain, early in the new year for an intensive two-week product training programme at the newly established ZKTeco Academy.


Aromal commented,

Aromal Sasikumar
Pre-Sales Engineer

“Discovering that ZKTeco had established a UK operation was like music to my ears! Having worked with the products myself in the past, and watched their innovations in the global Biometrics industry, I am excited to now be part of their very bright future.

I am looking forward to getting hands-on with the latest products and software, learning as much as I can to effectively support our growing customer base here in the UK as quickly as possible.”

ZKTeco UK is building for significant growth in the years ahead. These key appointments of Adam and Aromal will be instrumental in helping to execute the company’s ambitious commercial plans.