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ZKTeco security equipment and software is used by over 350 million people worldwide every day. The applications are endless and you may not even realise you are using a ZKTeco product!

World-class products. Endless applications.


With the most comprehensive range of world-class products for the security industry globally, ZKTeco is discretely embedded in security solutions in many application scenarios for most industries.

Have you used our products lately?


Could ZKTeco be powering your membership card access at the gym? Could you have passed through our turnstiles at your last concert? Maybe our technology enabled your hotel keycard on your last weekend getaway?

Security Solutions

ZKTeco Security Solutions in Action


ZKTeco entrance and access control solutions are helping with smooth running of hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Hotel and guest management is made easy with wireless online hotel locks and offline hotel locks combined with sophisticated ZKBioSecurity software with modules designed for the hotel and hospitality sector.


Gym and leisure facilities use ZKTeco access control solutions to enable smooth entry and exit for members and paying guests.


Construction firms use ZKTeco turnstiles and access control solutions to keep people and equipment safe on site.


Major household name retailers trust ZKTeco access and entrance control solutions in stores nationwide.


ZKTeco turnstiles and barriers, integrated with cards or biometrics, are keeping students safe and secure at Universities.


Smart Locks, combined with the ZKSmart key app, keep homeowners protected whilst making life easier. No need to worry about forgotten or lost keys!


ZKTeco swing barriers and temperature detection devices are in place at underground stations, ensuring safety and efficiency for public transport users.


Our solutions support highest levels of security, essential for use within prisons and government facilities.


Our entrance control solutions help manage crowd control at major sports stadiums and events venues nationwide, helping to deliver an improved sports fans’ experience.


See ZKTeco at the airport, from LPR car parking barriers, to security inspection and boarding gate control, you’ll find ZKTeco inside and outside the terminal building.


ZKTeco solutions in the workplace handle visitor access and employee management, enhancing safety and security whilst delivering a positive user experience.

Case Study Snapshots

End user Application: Big Retail

ZKTeco access control systems with integrated speed gates are installed at Tesco UK self-service stores, creating a seamless customer experience.

End user Application: Sports & Hospitality

ZKTeco speed gates with integrated payment solution are helping football fans avoid queues and spend more time watching the match.

End user Application: Healthcare

ZKTeco contactless biometric access control solutions with temperature screening are helping to protect patients at a Dublin hospital.

Workforce Management

ZKTeco Time and Attendance Solutions in Action

Boost Productivity and Profitability.

The popularity of Time and Attendance systems has grown dramatically as businesses realise the added productivity and profitability that can be gained by automating employee management tasks.

Integrates with Third-Party Software.

ZKTeco offers a wide range of Time and Attendance devices which can be used alongside third-party software or with a ZKTeco software package, such as GoTime Cloud, for a complete solution.


In a high-risk industry, knowing who is on site at the touch of a button is critical. Tracking construction-workers movements as well as ensuring overtime is paid accurately on those time-sensitive projects is made easier with Time and Attendance solutions. 


In a 24-hour service industry, keeping track of hours worked for team members and knowing who is at the premises at any one time is key to both safety and efficiency. Time and Attendance solutions for hotels and hospitality save valuable time.


ZKTeco terminals are in use at an East Midlands University, accurately monitoring time and attendance across multiple sites. Replacing the paper register in schools and other education facilities, time and attendance solutions can pinpoint the students’ presence in and out of the building throughout the day.

Warehouse and Logistics

With day and night shift staff to keep track of and overtime and holidays to manage for high staff numbers, simplifying the process with an advanced clocking system saves significant time in warehousing and logistics.


ZKTeco time and attendance systems are automating HR processes to streamline day-to-day management of 17,000 employees at Carrefour in Romania.


Time and Attendance tracking is already law in Germany. Many UK businesses use time tracking to help with payroll accuracy, boost productivity and, most importantly, monitor a healthy work-life balance for employees.